Yes, another consent & disclaimer

From the Planck Length to the Observable UniverseUniverse Table

Thank you. Survey #2 is much like the first survey, short and sweet. Yet, we must remind you that you’ll be anonymous in this project. You are also free to decide not to answer any question or stop the survey at any time. Also, there will be no personal identifiers, such as your email, and any and all personal information will be removed from this data prior to use. Please use an impersonal identifier to help us match up this survey with your next survey.

Your participation will help me with my research. We will be asking about your views in response to a tour of the Universe based on our Big Board for our little Universe that we began developing in my sophomore year.

This is a very simple survey. Nevertheless, there is always a possibility of tampering from an outside source when using the internet for collecting information. While the confidentiality of your responses will be protected once the data is downloaded from the internet, there is always a possibility of hacking or other security breaches that could threaten the confidentiality of your responses. Green Arrow

By clicking here you will go to the survey and you are acknowledging that you have read and understood these guidelines and consent.
Pink Arrow

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