#2   Just fifteen steps up the scale to step 116, we find the child within.


We all start life within Step 103 then we grow and grow up right into step 116. Some grow just inside step 117.

The Planck Length has now been multiplied over and over again, 116 times. That length is rendered here in inches (52.86) and meters (1.342864).

Within this notation there are all kinds of very familiar things. We selected children (and small animals) to represent the category.


Key idea: The range for this notation goes from about 36 inches to 79 inches (6′ 7″ feet). So much of our personal life is within this notation. Each notation ranges from just under 50% larger than the Planck Length multiple (Step 115) in the smaller notation (2.20 feet or 67.134 cm) to just under 50% smaller than the Planck Length multiple (Step 116) in the larger notation (105.72 inches). A key part of this study is to discern boundary conditions between each notation.

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Notes about Look-and-feel and Navigation: If the words from right column, i.e. Archives  and Meta,   are bleeding through the image of the Universe Table, please open your window larger (perhaps full screen ). Also, if you click on the last sentence in each description, you should go to the next page.


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