#1   Right in the middle of our universe are steps 101-to-103.


Step 101: The diameter of human hair.

The range, from 17 to 181 microns, begins within step 100, includes all of 101 and goes into 102. Here we are in the middle of the universe, between the first and last notation or step, and we can only be off by a hair. Unusual? No, it is beyond belief.

Within the human scale the diameter of hair is still quite small; yet, if compared to the Planck Length, it is the size of a galaxy. And then, of course, in the large-scale universe, it is seemingly lost and inconsequential, yet it is very, very close to being in the center of the universe.


Key Ideas: Also, look at steps 100, 102 and 103, all in the range of the center of the universe and each of them profoundly human.

There are more surprises, so let’s take a couple of baby steps. Let’s get simple, even naive. Let’s go find our child within.

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Notes about Look-and-feel and Navigation: If any of the letters from right column, the Archives  and Meta   are bleeding through the image of the Universe Table, please open your window larger (possibly to full screen). Usually if you click on the last sentence in each description you will go to the next page.


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